About me

I am a Rhode Island School of Design graduate with over thirty years of experience in various design disciplines. Beginning my career at Hallmark as an illustrator, I have remained in the social expressions industry ever since. Areas of expertise include illustration, surface design, graphic design, merchandise design, and art direction. I am self-taught and love learning new ways to solve creative challenges.

Clients include Disney, Target, Costco, Riley Blake fabrics, JoAnn fabrics, Kids 11, Paperchase, American Greetings and more.

I, like most creatives that I know, have an entrepreneurial spirit. To me, it is a gift of passion and ambition that inspires me to be the best I can, no matter what the task. I believe in myself enough to risk the prospect of failure.

Color, nature, pattern, texture, and constant research is my inspiration and motivation. My journals are filled with ideas, clippings, favorite quotes, sketches and doodles. Being creative is an intrinsic need in me...just like breathing, I must create.. I love reading bios of artists and have found, over the years, that the one common thread that weaves through all of us is that we were drawn to the wonderful world of creativity at an early age. I am among that group. For me it was an undeniable force that has brought me great joy.

My studio is a separate building about ten feet from my back door. It's surrounded by windows that look out over a wooded bluff in our backyard in Colorado. It's a small space that evokes creativity every time I walk through the door. While I'm working, I watch the deer, the birds, the bear, and occasional bobcats wander past. It's amazing!

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